Courses - Section 4

Section 4 “Lose Your Fear of Death”

In Section #4, “Lose Your Fear of Death,” you will learn what Mark said it’s like after he died. You will examine where the fear of death stems from, and how to understand it logically. You will get tools to help you let go of the fear of death easily, and gently. You will learn ways you can share these practices and ideas with your loved ones, so they lose their fear of death too.

  • The definition of ‘Death’
  • How can you possibly lose your fear of death?
  • How Mark’s words, “I’m better than ok,” can change your life.
  • Do we have 100% free will?
  • My Near Death Experience. The smallest car hits the biggest wall ever!
  • Fast forward ten years.
  • Final Revelation
  • Bucky did it too!
  • Material Review
  • My quick trick to help you erase the fear of death.
  • Why Mark said, “I did it for you.”
  • How to help your loved ones lose their fear of death.
  • Your new experience of Life, without the fear of death.


*Price includes e-book/transcript plus mp3 audio file.