Courses - Section 3

Section 3 “You Don’t Need a Ouija Board”

In section #3, “You don’t need a Ouija Board!” you will learn the 8 major types of afterlife communication. You will also learn all of the steps for the method Jen has developed, and used, to communicate with Mark. Plus, Jen will go over the following topics in detail!

  • The definition of “Communication”
  • How can you become more aware of energy that is all around you?
  • How to find and get into the frequency of spirituality. Tune your guitar strings for action!
  • The value of, and how to recharge your batteries!
  • How to use your body as a sounding board for energy. Turn yourself into an Iphone!
  • Examine 8 major types of afterlife communication.
  • Acknowledge your experiences!
  • Jen’s Communication Technique Parts 1-3
  • How you might miss communications. Hey! Wake up and smell the coffee!
  • How to interpret the communication.
  • How you can stay open and spread the light.


*Price includes e-book/transcript plus mp3 audio file.