Courses - Section 2

Section 2 “Anatomy of a Spirit”

In “Anatomy of a Spirit” Jen will delve into the different ideas about having a body and a spirit, and how they relate to life and death, and your lost loved one. You will also get powerful insight into WHY everyone has the ability to communicate with a lost loved one.

Here are some of the topics she will cover:

  • Definition of “Spirit,”  Ghostbusters!
  • Matter vs. Energy.  Are you more related to dirt or a light bulb?
  • Are you just a body?
  • How Energy Relates to Life and Death
  • Is there matter or energy after death?
  • Mark’s answer to “Where are they?”
  • “Find Your Energy” Exercise
  • What it’s like when your energy connects with theirs? PG-13 version.
  • Why everyone, including you, can communicate with a lost loved one.
  • Quantum physics, the observer changes the observed.
  • Is there any reason to be afraid?
  • What can our lost loved ones teach us?
  • What is the energy of creation?
  • Is it too late to communicate with them?


*Price includes e-book/transcript plus mp3 audio file.

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