Courses - Section 1

Section 1 “Am I Crazy?”

This section of the course will teach you the most important first step to take in your journey to communicating with your lost loved one. You will get an inside look into exactly what happened moment- by-moment the first time Jen’s husband communicated with her.  She will also give you useful tips on how to deal with skepticism you may encounter.  We will examine the following topics and many more.  Enjoy!

  • Definition of Crazy.
  • How is surfing like communicating with a lost loved one?
  • What EXACTLY happened the first time Mark communicated with Jen?
  • What you can use from Jen’s experience.
  • What is your first step?
  • What is keeping you from communicating with your lost loved one? Those @#$%^#@ roadblocks!
  • What are your beliefs?
  • Create new beliefs, poof! Out of thin air.
  • Don’t punch the skeptics!! They are beautiful beings too!
  • What is the difference between good/bad and lies/truth?
  • What is YOUR truth?
  • Are these courses right for you?
  • How do you start to let the light in?
  • The incredibly powerful “Examine and Unwind Your Mind” exercise.


*Price includes e-book/transcript plus mp3 audio file.