Visit these informative websites for additional sources of support and guidance.

After-Death Communication (ADC)

  1. He Blew Her a Kiss – A great website full of stories submitted by people who have communicated with lost loved ones in amazing ways.
  2. After Death Communication Research Foundation – This website, created by Dr. Jeff and Jody Long, allows readers to submit short passages detailing signs or messages their recently deceased loved ones passed on to them.
  3. The ADC Project – Bill and Judy Guggenheim help readers to release their anger and fear and open themselves up to communication with the “other side.”  Purchase “Hello From Heaven” book.
  4. Induced ADC – Psychologist Allan Botkin uses induced After-Death Communication to help patients overcome grief and depression.  Purchase “Induced After-Death Communication” book.
  5. Christine Duminiak – A certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Christine uses her personal experiences with communicating with her deceased loved ones to teach others how to use prayer to do the same. Purchase “Heaven Talks to Children” and “God’s Gift of Love.
  6. Wisdom of Spirit – Faye Schindelka, author of Poppies From Heaven, shares her journey of continuous spiritual growth.  Purchase “Poppies From Heaven” book.
  7. Quit Kissing My Ashes – Judy Collier lists the countless times her deceased son, Kyle, has communicated with her and others.  Purchase “Quit Kissing My Ashes” book.


  1. Beyond Religion – A website all about finding God and personal spirituality outside of established religion.  Purchase “A Handbook For Heretics” book.

Grief Support

  1. Grieving a Soulmate – Author Robert Orfali created this touching YouTube video explaining how he dealt with the death of his partner of 30 years, Jeri.  Purchase “Grieving a Soulmate” book.
  2. Grief Healing – This blog, maintained by Marty Tousley, offers support for those who are dealing or are preparing to deal with grief and transition, including individuals with severe disabilities or serious illness.
  3. A Beautiful Death – After supporting her husband, Stephen, during his battle with terminal cancer, Cheryl Eckl became a powerful voice for those suffering from loss.  Purchase “A Beautiful Death” book.

Other Ideas and Methods

  1. Abraham Hicks – Learning how to use the law of attraction and the art of allowing in your life for peace and joy.  Purchase “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent,”  “The Astonishing Power of Emotions,” and “The Law of Attraction” books.
  2. Don Miguel Ruiz – Author of “The Four Agreements” Plant seeds of love in your life and watch what grows. The Toltec Tradition teachings.  Purchase “The Four Agreements” book.
  3. Neale Donald Walsch has written many books about how we live and die on this earth. One of his books, “Home with God in a Life that Never Ends” was the catalyst for my beliefs about the afterlife.  Purchase “Home with God in a Life that Never Ends” book.