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Thank you for choosing to become an affiliate for Let The Light in Jen. You are helping spread the message to others that losing a loved one is not the end of your relationship with them, it is the beginning of a completely new one.

Jennifer has been featured on numerous online talk and radio shows, magazines, and has been interviewed by award-winning, syndicated radio personality Deborah Dachinger, Family and Relationship expert Allana Pratt, and Spiritual Intuitive Karen Anderson. Articles written by Jennifer have also been published on The Australian Women’s Weekly Online and Mind Body Green.

Affiliate Perks:

  • If a visitor has been referred to Let The Light In Jen by your Affiliate link, you can earn up to 10% on eBook sales and 30% on Learn Afterlife Communication with Jen Courses when they make a purchase.
  • Receive monthly automatic payments
  • No inventory to manage. Let The Light In Jen will handle all shipments and sales.

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