About Jen

Have you ever wondered, if what you were hearing in your mind, or feeling in your body, or seeing with your eyes, was really a deceased loved one trying to communicate with you?  Or do you hope it was?  Or do you wish those things were happening?  If so, stay tuned.  You’re in the right place.

My name is Jennifer Hawkins, and my husband Mark, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep in 2009. On that day I never thought I’d hear from him again.  And yet, three days later I did.

I am not a medium, a psychic or anything like that. I’m a working Mom, who loves to play tennis and read. I’m simply a regular human being. Just like you.

Yet, over the last three years, as he and I have remained connected, and I’ve shared my story with thousands of people, I’ve come to believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with lost loved ones. I’m so thrilled to share with you techniques you can use right away, to open up a clear, consistent line of communication with YOUR lost loved ones!

If you have any interest in this topic at all please join my enews.  I will send you five FREE videos that give you tips you can use right now to start on your journey.  You will also get links to my blog. In those blog posts I will share with you different communications I’ve had with my husband, as well as stories from lots of other people who have had similar experiences.

Love and Light to you,




*Photo by Amy Melsa