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Three days after my husband died unexpectedly, he told me why. At first I thought I was crazy. However, I slowly learned not only that other people have had similar communications... but most have. Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with a lost loved one? I believe every single person has the ability to do so. You don't need a medium or psychic. I'm so excited to share and teach these gifts. Welcome. I'm happy you are here.


Imagine being able to communicate  with your lost loved one easily and whenever you want.

I lost my husband unexpectedly in 2009. On that day, I never thought I’d hear from him again. But three days later…I did.

At the time, I thought I was crazy, however, after sharing my story with thousands of people, and realizing how many of them have had similar experiences, I know that communicating with a lost loved one is possible for ANYONE.

I’m so excited to share my techniques and beliefs with you, so you can communicate with your lost loved ones too!  My downloadable audio and e-book courses walk you through my step-by- step process. When you sign up for my free video blog, you will receive 5-FREE tips videos, that give you exercises you can try right away.

Love and light to you,

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Learn Afterlife Communication with Jen:

Free Stuff

1Watch videos and get tips to help you learn how to communicate with your lost loved ones.


2Each section of the course gives you an in-depth look into why I believe everyone has the ability to communicate with lost loved ones. In addition you will learn the exact actions I take that facilitate my communication with my deceased husband.

Jen’s Story

3Three days after her husband passed away unexpectedly in his sleep, he told her why he had to die. It was shocking, undeniably true, and the greatest gift he could have ever given her.

Read Jennifer’s story of the incredible life affirming conversations she had with her husband during the year after he passed away.



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